About Her Country

A little about my blog…

Her Country was born from my love of exploring, visiting new places and finding out more about history and learning as well as what it’s like to live in a country cottage in England!

Growing up, I struggled with learning often being labeled as ‘not very bright’ amongst other things and really pushed myself to do well at school! It wasn’t until my first half of University that I was found out to have not just dyslexia, but irlens syndrome. I had spent my entire life being treated differently for being unusual and learning in a more creative way.

In many ways I have a different understanding of the world around me and love culture, history, heritage and see everything in a magical and creative way. This is probably why I have such a passion for preserving history, wildlife and old books!

I love nothing more than walking in the countryside, exploring new places and being living slowly (when not working). After finishing University I headed straight for London, but after a few years of working in the city, headed back to the countryside where we lived in Oxfordshire for many years in our first Cotswolds cottage and now reside in a cute little thatched cottage in the middle of Wiltshire with Jon, our daughter and two cats!

I’m primarily found on Instagram, TikTok and more recently YouTube so many sure to search HerCountryLiving I’d you’d like to follow.

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