Travelling is now such a broad word in the English language. It really can mean anything and for some is only defined by leaving the country.

For me however, I view the word ‘Travel’ as an expression of exploring and the ability to step outside your front door, exploring the beauty and wonder the world (and its historians) have left us.

Some of my favourite places to travel are in the UK, and lucky for me on my doorstep. One of my favourite places to visit is the Cotswolds, a magical section of the the south of England (Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire to name but a few) full of dreamy stone buildings, roaming wildlife and some of the most picturesque places you’ll ever land in!

Places that are underrated and should be visited more…

Avebury – this is one of the most incredible places, and in my opinion surpasses Stone Henge as somewhere cool to visit. Avebury like Stone Henge is a Neolithic Sarson Stone monument in the middle of Wiltshire. The biggest difference? Avebury has become one of the cutest villages in Wiltshire surrounded by this incredible stone circle, with the largest Man Made earth mound in possibly the world, all in one place. If that wasn’t enough there is even a long barrow (which is a must) to visit. Alongside this you can also enjoy a visit to the wonderful Avebury Manor, that was recently renovated by TV Presenter and family friend Paul Martin.

Because there is just so much to see and do in this village I would recommend splitting your trip into two and staying over at The Lodge Avebury, a beautiful B&B (and the only one) set right slap bang in the middle of this incredible creation.

Cerne Abbas – An unassuming beautiful British village in the middle of the Dorset Countryside, surrounded by the incredible Dorset Downs and home to one of the most interesting chalk hill carvings which depicts a naked man with a rather sizeable erection holding a large club. It is set high on a very steep hill (that I have walked up, down is the scary part) and overlooks the quaintest and prettiest little village in Dorset.

The village itself is home to the most stunning house, that is privately owned but open to the public (by donation), and is a stones throw away from the giant himself. Alongside this there is a wonderful little tea rooms that does some delicious cakes and I would certainly recommend popping in for a tea after a walk. It’s called Abbots and you can find it on the high street corner!