autumn, hygge, Norway

Apple spice & all things Hygge

Styling your house depending on the season might sound a little crazy, but it’s genuinely a thing!

Take Christmas for example, a season everyone gets on board with, or at least, know someone who does! We decorate our homes with fairy lights, tinsel, ivy, trees and all sorts of wintry wonders! So why should the rest of the year be any different?

In the summer I tend to put all my blankets away (I do keep one out as it’s England after all) hide my jumpers, ignore my coats and fill my home with fresh flowers, have the windows open and light those fruity fun candles I’ve hidden away all winter (I actually wrote a blog on flowers over the summer, so check it out!).

When Autumn comes around, one of my favourite times of year, I always have an internal squeal and clap my hands together – the blankets come tumbling out, the pine cones get collected and displayed in a bowl and my home gets a smell makeover with cinnamon, nutmeg, candy apple and warm toasty smelling candles! I also bake religiously… So much so I’ve been told I should apply for bake off next year.

Autumn fills me with joy and memories of walking back from the cinema to a friends house down a wonderful pathway of golden trees, reminds me of playing in leaves with my brother as a child or making winter candle holders out of frozen ice with multicoloured leaves and berries I’d picked with my mum in the gardens.

It’s one of those times of year you can make the house feel truly alive and homely since it’s cold outside and the home is where you’ll want to be spending more time.

At the moment I’m sat on a plane travelling to one of the most inspiring countries when it comes to cosy autumn home interiors; Norway.

I’m super excited to be visiting a different part of the country and always seem to have the most incredible times there and Scandinavia is somewhere I’d love to move to once I have the income! A cosy cabin in the countryside and a penthouse flat in Oslo or another smaller city would happily do me.

Anyway my intention for this trip is to fill my suitcase to the brim and come back with far too much hygge inspired stuff and make my home feel genuinely cosy for 2018’s Autumn!

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