Her Countryside Glow!

I wish I could thank the countryside and general ‘improved’ eating habits for my recent weight loss and clear healthy skin, and whilst the extra steps in wildlife has certainly done wonders for my waist line, the same can’t be said for my skin!

Unfortunately, being outside too much can play havoc on our skin, making it dry, sore, sensitive and even break out. As a lot of my seasoned readers will know, a number of years ago I developed terrible acne and gained weight due to hormone problems. I’m now luckily recovered after various treatments and medication, but have to say one conscious change I made to my skin routine played a huge part in not only my recovery, but my confidence and ability to keep my skin healthy.

As a student a friend of my introduced me to Dermalogica and I haven’t looked back since! Not only has this incredible wonder brand helped my acne almost vanish, it’s kept my skin protected from the sun, soft and satin like even after hours outside gardening, walking and brushing through the wilderness to hunt for nature’s treasures (I’m talking about those spiky blackberry bushes)!

Because of this, I want to share with you my favourite Dermalogica products in the hope that someone else can be as lucky with a product as I have been.

For me I have built up a wonderful collection of Dermalogica skin care for everything! But below you’ll find my top favourites that I use daily…

Number 1…

The sound asleep cocoon a beautiful light lavender night gel-cream that optimises skin recovery as you sleep whilst giving you that beautiful smell as you drift off. I literally can’t sleep without it now!

Number 2…

The Age Bright Spot Fader. Whilst I’m almost completely clear of acne now, the odd spot does pop up now and again, especially at certain times of the month. Because of this I always make sure not to pick at my skin and instead reach for this little gem. Drop a tiny bit on your finger and pop it on the spot. In the morning (or later that day) your spot will have faded right down and any redness will have gone! It’s excellent!

Number 3…

A wonderful overall (body) scrub that helps your skin cells renew naturally and effortlessly! The Thermafoliant body scrub! It’s all so easy to forget our bodies when our faces are covered in acne, so I’m telling you now, don’t! Reach out for something gentle and exfoliating, especially for your legs. I find my legs get incredibly dry if I don’t exfoliate, so I’ve incorporated this into my daily skin routine.

Number 4…

The precleanse, a deep cleansing oil that melts away all those nasty impurities in the skin, leaving it feeling soft and wonderful. Can I just warn you though – it stings like a bee if it gets in your eyes, so wash thoroughly! It’s excellent as a makeup remover too, so rub gently and firmly and splash off with warm water.

Lastly, number 5…

The skin smoothing cream! The nicest smelling, fresh feeling face cream I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried A LOT)! After almost 4 years of this cream and occasionally having to try others when I’ve gone away overnight, I find this is the cream I miss the most! It protects your skin from environmental stress, which I tell you – is something I need whether I’m walking in the countryside or stepping foot in the city!

So there you have it… My five favourite skin care items from my favourite skin care company! If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer, but recommend you getting in touch with the guys over on Instagram directly as they’re much better placed to help!

Have a wonderful week everyone and don’t forget to moisturise!

*Stay tuned for my next blog on German Christmas Markets!

Love Lucy x

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