A new decade

Hello friends and Happy New Decade! I can hardly believe we’re already well into the swing of January and Christmas seems like years away, when in actual fact it was three weeks!

I have to say, given where Jon and I were a few years ago we are so pleased to be looking forward and seeing how incredibly life can go on, things can change and how lucky we have become over the years. We’ve both worked so hard to be where we are and right now we couldn’t be happier.

After an incredible trip to Iceland and a number of trips to various parts of Europe, Scandinavia and bits of the UK last year I can certainly say hand on heart, thank you world and thank you to my incredible friends and to you! Without which, I wouldn’t be where I am today, cuddled up in bed (it’s 8pm and I had a busy day haha) with two fluffy cats and my book waiting to be read.

This year we’ve written a list of things we’d like to achieve and I’m here to suggest you make one too. Our list is very obtainable with a little hard work, so I suggest this year we grab what we can when we can and jolly well enjoy ourselves!

Whilst 2019 for me wasn’t the best year, I can also say it wasn’t the worst. Whilst losing two people who meant the world to me has left a festering wound in my heart, that only time can heal, I have also learnt so much about myself, my career and loved ones. Life is but a fleeting moment in time, which if you think about makes us all pretty special in one way or another.

Just think about it… there are stars in our night-sky that went out millions of years ago, but they still shine brightly as ever because it takes more than death to stop them shining… That is just how I want to remember my loved ones, remind myself how fortunate and lucky I am and how I want you to do the same. It’s very easy to want more from life when you don’t take a moment to stop, look around you and realise what an incredible job you’re doing.

This year, one of my goals is to buy Jon and I a brand new sofa! Not a second hand one, but a brand new one! Because it’s something neither of us have ever had. A simple, but challenging proposition to make for us this year and one I hope to tick off before 2021 comes around.

I’d love to know if you’ve got any resolutions, or plans for the year. Even if you’re just doing something for a month (I’m doing veganuary for example). I’d love to know. So pop me a message on Instagram and let’s chat.

Happy New Year! X

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