Elderflower Champagne

My recipe for elderflower champagne is a simple and easy one for any and all to follow – though I do warn you, it won’t last long once it’s ready to drink and you’ll be wishing you made more!

For the recipe you will need…

  • 6 Elderflower heads
  • 1TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 pint hot water
  • 1/2 pint cold
  • Tsp honey
  • Tbsp caster sugar
  • Sprinkle of yeast – bread yeast / alcohol yeast whatever you have suitable


Shake off the bugs and anything else outside and then pop the flowers in a bowl! Make sure not to wash them too much if you do as that will remove any natural yeast.

Pour on the hot water and add the apple cider vinegar, sugar and mix. Add in the cold water and honey and mix.

Once finished and everything has mixed together place a cloth / tea towel over the bowl and put to one side.

For the next 48 hours you will need to check on and stir the mixture. If after 48 hours you have no bubbles add in the yeast and leave for a further 48 hours.

Once you’ve got bubbles place into clean bottles (ideally corked so they can pop off if needed and won’t explode) and ‘burp’ twice a day for two weeks! Burping means releasing the gas from the bottles which helps stop them exploding.

Where to find elderflower?

Most of the English countryside is in abundance with elderflower in May / June and you will almost certainly have come across some. You’ll notice elderflower as it grows on bushes / trees and smells wonderful and fresh. To find out more on elderflower visit the Woodland Trust here.

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