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Candles and Cottages: Why I choose Parks London

I’ve been a fan of candles ever since I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of candles my Mother used to burn in our house in Avebury Wiltshire during the summer months to bring the freshness of the outdoors inside and in the winter to bring a feeling of coziness and relaxation to the bitterly cold evenings we had.

For the past few years my partner Jon and I have lived in a little cottage in the Oxfordshire Countryside and over that time I have found adding a different scent to each room the perfect way to add both a personal touch and a dash of emotion and flow to our home.

Candles go together with cottages in the same way that bread and butter go hand in hand. Whilst you can always have one without the other, there is simply nothing as delightful, simple and indulgent as having both. With that in mind I wanted to put together this blog featuring a range of my favourite Candles and why, if given a choice I would choose Parks London Candles every time.

Parks London Candles are made using hand-poured, 100% natural wax and are also made with their own in-house scents carefully created and perfected by a dedicated team of experts. The thing I love most about these candles is the constant scent, constant and perfect burn and that when they’re finished there is no wax left up the sides of the jar. This is thanks to their Coreless Cleanburn® Technology which is made using unique wax formulas. This means that as the candle burns, it burns evenly with all the wax releasing a subtle and beautiful fragrance throughout your room and into the air. 

My favourite scents

I’ve put together some information on each of my favourite scents, why I like them and where I think they are best placed in the home. Being in the cottage – I just love the option of having candles in the bathroom, livingroom, bedrooms and hallway – allowing for that transition of scent and feeling wherever you go.

The Bedroom – I have always loved having candles in my bedroom, ever since I can remember. It’s the place to have relaxing, subtle scents that you can burn whilst reading in bed and allow you to relax, slow your mind and give yourself that much needed quiet time that we so often forget to indulge in nowadays.

My go to for the bedroom is Parks Original candle (three wick for extra light). This candle was created with the classic fougére (fern) in mind, it’s got notes of herbal warmth about it and blends the brightness of lemon with the aromatic facets of lavender and a comforting base of soft amber.

The Hallway – Connecting all the other rooms together, a place of passing and somewhere one would not spend much time.

With that in mind I wanted to think of my house a little like a tree, where it branches out into different blooms bringing something different and fresh to each branch. I decided to opt for a cosy candle that is warmer and slightly woody allowing for the other scents to marry into it as you pass from room to room.

That is why I opted for Feu de Bois, a candle with notes of birch wood, combined with the dry and crisp scent of cedar wood and the forest-floor scent of patchouli leaves. The halls are often a forgotten place, so adding some warmth and coziness to them with a candle is the best way to make the whole house flow into one tranquil space.

The Living Room – A place to have fun and unwind with friends and loved ones, the living room is somewhere you can have fun with candles and use fruity and exotic fragrances to lighten the mood and add something fresh and different for everyone to enjoy.

For this room I have picked Pomegranate Noir. The juicy freshness of pomegranate fruit really shines through and thanks to the drizzle of sweet honey they have added into it, it allows warmth and a sense of coziness to the room. This is one of my all-time favourite scents and even Jon asked me where that ‘incredible’ smell was coming from after I updated our candle in that room. So it’s likely to be a hit with everyone.

The Bathroom – I need not explain the reasons why one would want a candle in their bathroom. For me a bathroom is a very personal space, one that we allow our guests to enter always alone!

For the bathroom I have always opted for the smell of lemon and basil or rose – fragrances that carry and are heavy and fresh whilst also being inviting. For the bathroom too, I might not always want to light a candle so I often opt for a reed diffuser instead – something that lets off a gentle fragrance constantly, ready to welcome and comfort your guests. For the summer I have opted for the Dark Rose Diffuser, a scent that gives the impression of a room in full bloom – perfect for a mixture of relaxing baths, welcoming guests and linking the room to the rest of the house.

Do visit my Instagram page to keep up to date with me and everything I am up to. I am running a competition for you to win your very own set of Parks London Candles (worth over £170) between the end of July and the start of August. Throughout the year I will also be sharing my favourite scents as part of the ‘Four Seasons’, starting this month with the brightest of them all, summer. 

*This post was sponsored by Parks London Candles

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