Oxfordshire, summer

Non-stop Coffee Shop

I’m one of those people that loves coffee shops and not coffee. I’m much more a juicer / chai and tea drinker, I just can’t get my head around that bitter taste or living with coffee breath (queue flashbacks to coffee breath driving instructor). I also don’t drink milk, so to have coffee black or with a bitter soya / almond alternative just… no!

What I do love about the coffee shops is the smell. Fresh roasted coffee, a dash of sprinkled cinnamon gracing the air and the sweet smell of the bakery in the background yum!

It’s so cliche to say I know, but a good coffee shop inspires me to be creative! I sit there typing away on my laptop, jotting down my thoughts in my notebook and dreaming of how my life will pan out, thinking up ideas about my business and what to do moving forwards.

In the summer sitting outside with a fresh juice is bliss. If its chilly, pitch up by the window or why not get your coffee to go in a reusable / recyclable mug and relax in the park? Part of the reason I love them is because, being in England, our summer is limited which means a cloudy day is a good day for a quick stop coffee shop.

I don’t know about you, but I feel instantly relaxed when I enter a coffee shop, the noise of the barista’s working away, the low hum of conversations and the fact I can look up and see a hundred different people experiencing the ‘hygge of coffee shop living’.

If you’re in London, I cannot recommend Deliciously Ella’s enough. Based just off Oxford Street, it’s a great way to escape the mayhem and drop yourself right into a tranquil, chilled out environment of what I call ‘country-city’. Full of flowers, delicate smells of cake and hummus.. bliss!

However, if you’re one of my Oxfordian readers can I just go ahead and send you right pass Costa to the Missing Bean, you will leave relaxed wanting to go back within days! They do the best chai-latte this side of the world hands down and are usually packed to the brim with students and bookworms all squished in cozily. So if, like me, you’re a coffee shop lover but don’t drink coffee there is certainly a place for you amongst the cappuccino culture of coffee lovers and you can sit back and enjoy your green juice, sugary hot chocolate or organic chai tea with pride knowing you too have created that cosy little environment we all love!

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