Thinking ahead

It’s so healthy to both live in the here and now but also be aware of the future and plan head.

Today I’ve been adding to my ever growing rows of crocheting on my blanket. It’s going to be soft natural colours made with Organic Manx Wool given to me by my mum.

Crocheting for me is way easier than knitting. I just need to focus on one needle, wrapping the wool around itself in a nice pattern to form what is becoming my blanket.

I’ve been making this on and off ready for winter for the last few months. I forget I’m making it and come back to it over time which is really fun and soothing as it means I get to spend time doing it. I’m currently on my sofa, the music is playing enya playing, Jon reading and a kitty snuggled up in his arms between the book and him.

So for me, this is a relaxing and meditative practise for the here and now, but also practical for the future as it will be a cosy blanket for the winter times.

What are your plans for the future and what do you like to do in the here and now?

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