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Cuddly kitties!

Yes, the rumours are true we adopted two Birman Blue!

These cute fluff balls came from Oxfordshire’s Cats Protection centre, run by volunteers who rescue the cats from all over the county – and I cannot being to express how incredible the centre is, the time, effort and money put into rescuing cats from all over Oxfordshire, ensuring they end up in a good home is just humbling.

I would truly recommend, if you have the time, money and space to rescue a cat then do. It is so rewarding and something that has made our lives so much more entertaining than we ever expected!  Who knew cats could be so hilarious and such great cuddle companions? I always thought of cats as being little claw demons, but gosh was I wrong!

These two are the most cosy, chilled out little fluff balls I have ever met. They are certainly teaching me a thing or two about life – just relax more! Cats are quite literally the definition of Hygge – if you have them, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Boris and Lilly

Our little fluff balls came with their names and we decided since they are both fully grown cats, it was best to keep them. Having the cats has been so much fun, even at 5am when you’re woken up by meowing then sudden chasing of each other all around the house. From day out Lilly has decided we are sharing a pillow. Every night she hops onto the bed and makes herself right at home above my head in a little ball of fluff and stays there till morning.

I’ve also learnt a few home truths about cats that no-one told me prior to getting them and I think its so important to share these, as I know some of my readers might be thinking of getting cats after graduating / finishing their studies.

  • Cats shed claws – really, I couldn’t believe this, they aren’t like dog claws and they literally come off like snake skin.
  • Cats run around at 5am and meow at you for attention (well ours do at least)
  • They insist on following you everywhere, including the bathroom
  • Food is demanded, not expected like dogs. If they don’t like it, they won’t eat it and will annoy you until they have something better. They will also sick it up if they don’t like it – yuk!
  • Fur balls are not cute little balls of fluff – they are the most horrific thing imaginable.
  • Fluffy cats need brushing regularly, unlike dogs who just let it fall off, cats lick their fur and get it clogged in their tummy causing problems.
  • Lilies kill cats – ironic considering our girl is named Lilly!
  • Cats can be trained and know when they’re naughty. Ours aren’t allowed in the spare room – but my gosh do they try!
  • Water glasses are better to drink from than a bowl, so ours have a glass of water to drink from.
  • It hasn’t bothered Walter our hamster in the slightest, he has his own room (Jon’s games room) and has just as much attention has he has always had.

So thats your lot, I am sure I will find out more as the weeks turn into years but even with the home truths I have to say I would never give these little fluff balls up for anything and they have truly made us so much happier. We are learning new things every day and I am in the process of growing cat grass – as it helps with their digestion! But if anyone has any tips they’d like to share please send me an email or comment below.


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