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In my kitchen…

It’s really no secret that I am one of the biggest fans of Wrendale Designs.

Created by Hannah Dale who first started out as a stock broker in London. She now designs from her studio in Lincolnshire, where these adorable little creatures come alive and flutter into our hearts.

I am pleased to say that these adorable woodland animals have slowly taken over my kitchen and are making their way slowly round my house. Since moving in with Jon a couple of years ago, I was always concerned what my future partner might make of my obsession with interiors, textures, fashion and cute little animals but he thinks they are just as cute and homely as I do!

For those of you who have yet to decide on a style or colour for your kitchen pick wisely as you will have to fork out quite a lot if you want to change it again in the future. The thing I love about Wrendale is, you can have almost any pastel colour in your kitchen and it just works! My kitchen is dunmore cream, which really works with the rest of our home. Because the property is full of beams, exposed brickwork and all sorts of exciting architectural treats, neutral tones just felt best.

1023_qf68-uoLucy’s discovery of Wrendale…

Wrendale Designs have my mother to thank for my healthy obsession and having bought almost anything that comes into stock!

Whilst at University my lovely mother congratulated me on my 2nd year grades by gifting me a bag of mugs with the most adorable little animals on. These were my first four Wrendale items and that was when I knew what my future kitchen and colour scheme were going to be!

Since then, as I have already mentioned, my collection grew into a fully fledged woodland zoo with over twenty mugs, two teapots, placemats, coasters, a bread bin, tea towels, an apron, trays, trinket pots, pet bowls and much more!

Sneaky peek into my home

I’ve decided to give you a VIP tour of my Wrendale Designs kitchen! Whilst Wrendale does much more than just kitchenware, it is where I started my collection and what I would love to share with you today! So please sit back relax and let me take you on a tour of my kitchen!

Sugar, Earl Grey Tea and Decaffeinated Coffee!
The cats got hold of their treats, so I’ve found a good hiding place is in a Wrendale trinket box! They can’t bite through that.
This is my little hideaway where I stash all my baking ingredients! I keep all my cookbooks to the right and stack the trays and baking items to the left. I swear I do own baking books, they are most certainly not all savoury!
I thought I would treat myself to a nice herb tea and a blueberry muffin whilst working, I do love my little pug on a mug! You can also see how adorable the bread bin is! It’s also super easy to clean and more than big enough for a white and brown loaf!

I have really enjoyed showing you round my kitchen and introducing you to Wrendale Designs! You can also visit me on Instagram where I would love you to tag me in your kitchen photos!

Don’t forget, you can head over to Wrendale’s wonderful website where they stock everything from mugs to candles and I think they make a brilliant gift!
Love Lucy X


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