Let your life twinkle!

Twinkly fairy lights are commonly used at Christmas time to decorate our towns, gardens, homes, trees. They illuminate the glittering snow and create a magical atmosphere when surrounded by the sparkle of ice.

You’re probably wondering what I am doing blogging about fairy lights at the end of June, they’re a Christmas thing right? Well technically, but I like to have them up all year round and think they can create a beautiful summery feeling to a home especially when placed correctly.

If you haven’t used Pinterest before, I am sure you have at least heard of it. Pinterest is a great way to mood board things we love and keep them all in one place. You can even add your own photos to the site for others to store. It’s an online scrap-book you can share with the world, or keep private if you choose.

For those of us who love interior design, I think it is a godsend. There are so many new and exciting things to search daily, that it can be a little like a kid in a candy store!

If you go onto Pinterest now and search ‘fairy lights’ ‘lighting in the home’ or anything you want about how to best light a home you find yourself with more choice than you can have ever had imagined.

2ed6739289ae5112dd6fc894777d219dAs a lover of the Polaroid camera, I think incorporating the fairy lights into a clothesline for photos is a brilliant idea. This style is incredibly Scandinavian and something us Brits have turned to and love. As a student I didn’t know you could physically by LED fairy light Polaroid strings, so I often made my own! I used to tape up the fairy lights round my bookshelf and then stick photos onto the string of lights with either pins or ribbon which I popped through a little hole in the top of the photo. I also loved having them all round my bed to use as reading lights since they were always so nice to fall asleep under and safe if LED.

In Scandinavia they spent the colder months of the year in almost total darkness which can cause severe depression and other mental illness’. One way to resolve this is to make sure your home is bright and cheerful, a place you feel relaxed and in tranquility. There is nothing more relaxing to me than sitting under my fairy lights, working on my laptop or reading a good book. It just gets my mind working and helps me focus much more than I would have without them. So, why not just have them up all year?

Here are a few ways in which you can have fairy lights in your house all year and not seem lazy, as if you forgot to take your Christmas decorations down…! Some of these are great for kids bedrooms and can really make it feel like a magical place to play.

What are your favourite things about fairy lights and what have you done to add a bit of a twinkle to your life?


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