Boutique’s – Olivia May…

Roaming the streets of Oxford back as a student was the day I walked into Olivia May – not your typical boutique store, but one where princesses can become queens…


Having lived in West London for the last few years, surrounded by bright lights, booming stereos and high end shops with the same old clothes in it was a breath of fresh air coming across a Boutique like Olivia May only a train ride away in Oxford! When living in London, I made the conscious decision to visit Olivia May instead of push my way through the crowds on the Kings Road to find myself in the tranquil, romantic setting of Oxford; a place where I could shop in an adorable boutique surrounded by some of the best quality garments, most wonderful jewellery and with ladies on hand to help with my fashion requests!

_MG_7967Olivia May stocks some incredible styles from my favourite pastel princess brand Out of Xile to the cute country French shabby chic brands like Les Ours! So having recently moved to Oxfordshire and now having Olivia May’s boutique on my doorstep, life has suddenly got that little bit more dangerous…

I popped into the boutique earlier this week, and came across some incredible jewellery and accessories that were positioned beautifully on a table facing the entrance. I couldn’t keep my hands off! So girls, if you get a moment over the next few weeks, have a break from work, or fancy a day trip to Oxford, just pop down to Olivia May and ask to see the jewellery by Italian designer Alice Visin! Her work is so unique and eye-catching, it reminded me of a few pieces I saw on display in the V&A Museum in London. It just goes to show girls, these are great investment pieces both for your wardrobe and jewellery collection!

The vibrant colours and unique shapes across this fabulous high end boutique compliment the stores mix of avant-garde / French romance which speaks volumes to the hard work and time Ann and her designers have put in to individually selecting pieces for the boutique.

What’s even better is, if (like me) you know you’re going to pop in, you can call Olivia May or pop them an email in advance, tell them what you’re after and the girls at the head office will personally select from their vast and beautiful collection to send down some unique items you wouldn’t find in store!

These ladies really know their way around the stock and with over 600 pieces on hand in Oxford alone, you won’t be short of choice, I’d bet you if you pop down this weekend you’ll be walking out with an entirely new wardrobe!

11 thoughts on “Boutique’s – Olivia May…”

  1. One of my favourite boutiques! I love Oxford too and spent my student years indulging my mind in a vain attempt to indulge my wardrobe in years to come. Reminded me of so many happy memories and reading your blog gave me a buzz! Love Olivia May!

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  2. Wow. Sounds like an amazing place. I’ve been living in Oxford for 5 years and I never went in before. But you can be sure that I will be paying a visit real soon now. Thanks Lucy for the recommendation.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Lena! Yes, a few readers have told me they missed this gem – I don’t know how as it’s on Jericho’s magical street past G&D’s at the far end! X


  3. I love those earrings wow… I didn’t realise there were shops like this still… Will be visiting in the near future I suspect! Thanks for the post.

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  4. I went in today after reading this, had a break between lectures. Didn’t buy anything but I know it’s there now which is something. Awesome.

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  5. I never would have found this boutique, so well hidden. Really nice photos and the clothes look interesting and non mainstream! Definitely would like to explore it more 🙂

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  6. Didn’t know about this shop! Will definately check them out next time I am in Oxford. Will check their website out too! Thank you lucy !

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