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Dancing with Dinosaurs

Oxford is the city of past floating through the new. To visit is to step into the past whilst living in the present… 

With some of the countries most incredible museums strewn across the city of Oxford it seems almost alien to me that you wouldn’t want to add Oxford to your list of places to visit this summer. IMG_2151

One of my favourite shops to visit in Oxford is Aspire Style. Aspire are one of the cutest little shops in Oxford with frilly 50’s dresses and trinkets for every occasion, perfect if you want to get your friend something cute and fun for their birthday!

I popped in to the store last week whilst shopping in the city as I’ve got a few birthdays coming up (plus its crazy Instagramable)! Whilst in the store I got chatting to girls working there about dinosaurs as there is a whole table dedicated to them in the store. How great is that?

I was thrilled to see lots and lots of dinosaur themed products from egg cups to fairy lights, to notebooks and handbags at Aspire Style and I did not come away empty-handed! I don’t know about you, but I think its refreshing to find places that have such a mix of fun and unique stock and its also great to see dinosaur themed products being created for everyone! 

On my mooch round the shop, I decided to take a few photos to show off how pretty this store really is. Aspire have some of the prettiest and cutest trinkets alongside their wardrobe collection. It’s like being a kid in a candy store with all the bright colours, magical dresses and Ruby Shoo’s

After my trip to the store I decided to visit the Museum of Natural History and spend some time with real dinosaurs and relaxed in the cafe so I could get to work jotting down ideas for future blogs as well as show off my new stationary set! I got the cutest pencil-case, pen and book which are going to be perfect for my upcoming trips abroad as I won’t always have access to the internet and lets face it, its much more fun writing in a cute notebook.

Alongside my stationary I also got some wonderful fairy lights, or, dino lights! They are so much fun! I’ve strewn them across the bookshelves lighting up our books with historical creatures to protect them. I might even go as far as getting two Christmas trees this year just so I can have a dinosaur themed one, imagine how fun that would be.

If you are completely dino crazy can I just suggest getting more of these cute little trinkets and books into your life! dinodress06.20180309122942Lets put aside the fact they were big terrifying creatures that roamed our land and would probably gobble us up the first chance they got! I think they are absolutely adorable and I would love a pet Magyarosaurus (they’re like dog sized Diplodocus) to snuggle next to me on the sofa with the cats and a cup of tea. 

So if you’re a student in Oxford or like me, just work here why not decorate your lovely home with some cute bits and bobs. You don’t have to go all out dino crazy like I did this weekend, but it’s certainly a start! It’s also a fab shop to visit if you want a unique dress for your summer ball or cocktail party, or perhaps you just want to show off your quirky style round the office!

If you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to head over to my page where you can follow my countryside hygge antics and explore some of the fabulous places I have visited on my journey! You can also get hints and tips on where to find the most Instagramable stores, cafés and places to visit! 

Love Lucy X

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