Another Day Another Year

I turned 27 last Tuesday and I woke up feeling different. Every year on my birthday I get are asked the same thing ‘do you feel different today’ and every year I give the same answer ‘not much different to yesterday…’.

Weirdly, however,  this year was different and I woke up feeling like I had well and truly left my mid-twenties behind and should embrace the task called ‘adulthood’.

I thought ‘right, this year I will adult my way and will make it a proud one’ and you know what I fully intend to keep that promise! On my birthday I had a really lovely day off with Jon exploring more of Oxford, relaxing in cafés sipping bubble tea and dining in the most beautiful restaurant!

So, with that in mind I thought I’d write a little about the places we visited which were a mix of embracing adulthood and a little homage to my youthful side!

Thirsty Meeples

In four years of living in Oxford as a student I never once went to this café, in actual fact I didn’t go to cafés that much and spent most of my time in libraries / cocktail bars / my rom giggling with friends of exploring the city.

I finally went to this fun little café and spent just over three hours there with Jon assassinating kings, escaping from cubes and sipping soya milkshakes!

As you have probably already realised, Thirsty Meeples is not your standard café, it’s a board game café! I’ve only ever been to one board game café before which was in Richmond, London, that was called The Library Pot. Having been to one before I had an idea of what to expect and I am sure you do too… Loads and loads of board games, lots of laughing and me trying desperately to beat Jon at something! The Library Pot and Thirsty Meeples are very similar since they are both board game cafés, but at the same time they are very different.

The Library Pot has a fun ball pit downstairs for adults only, and as you can expect, Jon and I spent a good half hour jumping around in rainbow balls giggling and having a laugh. However at Thirsty Meeples, we found the staff much more engaging and we played some fantastic games and had a lot of fun spending time together on a weekday for a change!

Gee’s Restaurant Oxford

Where do I start with this restaurant? Oh. My. Gosh! See the source image

As a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy, (ovo-vegetarian), I always struggle when going to restaurants as they seem to forget the rest of the western world is starting to turn vegan!

However, my boyfriend had phoned the restaurant prior to attending and let them know I was vegan (it’s just so much easier than explaining I don’t eat meat or dairy) and they were very accommodating. I had a wonderful cocktail that made me feel well and truly adult, it even had an olive in it. I would usually opt for a fruit version, but since it was my birthday I thought I would try something different!

Inside Gee’s you can expect a wonderful Victorian greenhouse vibe (with air-con), lots of wonderful plants, a giant olive tree and some beautiful lights! I am actually really looking forward to going back there in the future and trying something else on their menu!

How do you feel about getting older, changing decades or creeping closer to the next one?

Speak to you all soon!




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