autumn, Countryside

Autumns in Oxford

It’s that time in Oxford where we are stuck with a cold crispy breeze, the morning chill and desire to spend the rest of the winter tucked up in bed like a moomin along with the inability to be outside without a cosy knit or scarf! Truth be told, I look forward to this time of year and am not really one for the sweaty sticky over rated summer months – regardless of the fact my birthday is in August!

There is just something about Oxford this time of year that makes it so much dreamier and prettier than any other city I’ve lived. I snapped up a few shots this morning to show off just how pretty Oxford is in the Autumn, even with an overcast sky looming!

The second best thing in the city is that it isn’t short of a coffee shop (or ten)… But they always seem to be packed to the brim! Even the little Japanese tea shop hidden at the back of Christ Church! So you can pick up your morning coffee, take a stroll in the park and enjoy the wonderful architecture peeking through the trees!

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