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Who loves Autumn?

The leaves are orange, the trees are bare, the cosy clothes are out in the cold breezy air… 

I am crazy about the autumn, it’s even been noted on more than one occasion that I was born for the autumn months! I was born on the hottest day of the year in 1991 and even after 27 years I still hate the heat. Pass me a cosy knit scarf or a pretty pashmina and some gloves any day of the week! 

This weekend was a busy one. I went on a ghost tour Friday in Oxford with some friends who stayed in the area this weekend. It was so much fun, made better by the fact I had my gloves with me.

I am one of those people who gets incredibly cold in the winter so I have to make sure I am always wearing gloves. If I don’t my hands turn literally blue and orange and I look like something fit for Halloween! Luckily this year I had my favourite new berry red gloves with me from Powder that I have even ditched my driving gloves (yes I get that cold) and been driving in them every morning. 

Beautiful berries

They are so cute and the little fluffy tops (or bottoms, I can never work out which is which with gloves) reminds me of autumn berries. The best thing is, the colour I picked goes with pretty much anything in my wardrobe. 

I wore mine with a cute poncho and had my forearms exposed and I didn’t get cold. They’re fab and I would highly recommend them for your autumn wardrobe / fireworks display this November the 5th to keep your hands pretty and safe from those pretty sparklers we love to swivel around! 

Autumn favourites

Putting my cosy autumn favourites on is something I love this time of year. I went out for a walk and coffee the other day in Oxford (yes I took my reusable coffee cup with me) and found walking around the park with my cosy Enchanted Stag scarf and cosy gloves was the best thing in the world. I had my favourite Polaroid camera with me and went and picked myself some cute little pumpkins for the spooky season! I am totally in love with the scarf however because the print on the stag’s head is of berries in a tree with robins all over, and I am a total sucker for robins this time of year.

When I was little my mum used to read a book to me called about Little Robin Redbreast and how he was so hungry at winter he didn’t know what to do, but a child kept putting bread crumbs out on a snowy windowsill so he could eat them all and they became the best of friends – that’s what I love about autumn, it’s memories that make everything feel cosy and warm. So thank you to the cutest brand for bringing back those memories with your beautiful scarf and cosy warm gloves. 

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