Moomin Valley

So you all know I LOVE reading, and I like reading some quite strange books.

Well my choice of book has taken yet another turn as I have become a little obsessed with the magical world and mind of Tove Jansson!

She was also born in August so I think I and her are on a similar wavelength (August babies are supposed to be a little crazy and creative, and from reading her books and knowing myself I’d say that we probably are), but also created that incredible world and story I am sure you’ve at least heard of – The Moomins!

For Christmas this year I was so lucky because Jonathan bought me a first edition copy of the Moomins and I have (to the horror of some) been reading it avidly). I believe books are there to be read no matter their age and if you take great care, you will find they are quite wonderful. In this copy, there are little notes in the front, an old library card with stamps in the back and a few little rips here and there. Overall it is beautiful and I love that the book has had a life and is over 70 years old!

Ok – but what are Moomins? 

If you haven’t read the Moomins and love fairy tales, then you are in for a real treat! The Moomins are a family of white hippo like creatures with large snouts, big eyes and adorable little ears. They are carefree, adventurous and accepting of most creatures meaning you get introduced to some of the cutest and scariest characters known to Moominland!

One of these creatures is Little My, a confident and quite angry little Mymble (human like creature) who I think is absolutely hilarious. She is sort of the devil in the book, the character who says what everyone else is thinking and does the unexpected.

Another creature you will come across is The Snorkmaiden, Moomin’s girlfriend. She is very similar to a Moomin, but fluffy and a little more sensitive. She pops up a fair bit throughout the stories.

Snufkin – a very quite and reclusive character who shows up at the Moomin house every spring. He is a traveller and likes to spend his life alone.

Sniff – Moomins best friend and the most timid character throughout the stories. He worries about everything, but will do anything if it means gold and jewels!

Amazing – SO where do I get the books? 

The Moomins have become so popular since their initial release in 1945 that there are Moomin shops, Moomin books for charity and even a Moomin World (which yes, I really want to go too).

There are now so many Moomin books and so many stories to choose from! In my personal opinion you really don’t need to start at the beginning with these books, but its good to have a little idea about the characters as a whole.

So now you know about the Moomins, their story and what they are I expect you want to know what the books look like?

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