My Country Cottage: Decor

Good morning! I’m so glad to be waking up to another day off, a day free to relax, explore, bake and cuddle my pets! Basically, a day to do whatever springs to mind.

I think if I wasn’t an August baby, April going into May would be my favourite time of year due to all the bank holidays and how lazy am I sounding!

But really, I love how many flowers are blooming over the springtime and all the gardening I get to do. It’s very rewarding.

Now, it’s raining outside so I am going to take you inside, into my home, (of which you’ll know has changed from Kensington to an Oxford flat, to Cottage) a beautiful old Tudor cottage nestled in the middle of the Oxfordshire countryside. Finally, we are somewhere relaxing, beautiful and quite simply quite which shocked most people.

Upon moving, I realised whilst we had been living together for the last few years we had never lived in a house together. This gave me the fuel to explore cottage interiors magazines, scroll endlessly through Pinterest and find some of those hygge home comforts you need to make somewhere truly feel like home.

To me, home is a unique smell, be it baking, linen or maybe cut grass. It’s also a feeling and somewhere that relaxes you instantly allowing you to put your feet up on the sofa, curl up on the cosy carpet by the fire with a good book and the place you can get all wrinkled in the bath.

In the flats we had been bombard with cooking smells, noise and all sorts that stressed me out so I never paid too much attention to those details leaving them out and never truly feeling at home.

As a result, I called my parents house (of which I moved out of 10 years ago) home until a few weeks ago when we moved into our Cottage. Now however, the Cottage is home, with its fresh smells, colourful blossoms and stunning (if I may say so myself) finishing touches and decor.

To get this look and feel, I decided to look into getting some yummy, fresh springtime candles and diffusers for the cottage and had always wanted a giant candle glass holder, but couldn’t afford one.

After much searching and as luck would have it, I stumbled across Layered Lounge a beautiful home styling / accessories company who stock my favourite style in the whole wide word: Scandinavian!

I instantly fell in love and spent ages exploring the site, looking at all the different (and affordable) items for sale and ended up falling hopelessly in love with some candles, a hurricane glass and a beautiful pink bowl.

Now, if you own pets you’ll know candles can be a real hazard! If you have cats like mine who have no understanding of flames and will happily walk right into a candle, I suggest finding a holder for a candle which still being able to enjoy the smell and flickering light.

I previously looked at large glass candle holders at The White Company after seeing one at my Sister in Laws and falling in love with them (just not their £120 price mark). I was SO overwhelmed to find the hurricane for £42 at Layered Lounge and had to keep double checking the price to make sure I was reading it correctly!

It’s beautiful thick glass with curved edges makes it unique, expensive looking and elegant whilst being almost 3X less expensive, meaning it really does pay to shop smaller and look around for amazing new companies. You never know what you might find! Take me for example, I have found not only the exact holder I was looking for, but a new and trusted company I will return to, time and time again for gifts when shopping for loved ones. Win win!

What made me love this company even more is the personal touches and thought they put into their items. The scented candle and diffusers they sell are named after an incredible woman called Louisa, who alongside day to day life, is constantly fund raising for Muscular Dystrophy and Action 4 Archie her son. So, in support of that, Layered Lounge donate £2 to every one sold! How absolutely humbling is that?

Below you can see a selection of photography of my amazing new home decor featuring the Louisa Candle, Hurricane candle holder and my favourite new pink bowl! Don’t forget to check out Layered Lounge, as I suspect they will be one to watch in the interiors world.

Just before I go and leave you to browse their website, I recommend you sign up for the Exclusive Offers, you’ll be able to get 15% off your shop and save even more on your own hurricane vase!

Thank you for dropping by, speak to you soon!

Lucy x

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