Country weddings

Before you fall off your chair or drop your laptop, no I am not getting married anytime soon but when I do I can almost certainly say it will be in the countryside, and you will hear all about it.

Today I was invited to lunch at Stratton Court Barn and to explore the venue, its beautiful setting and all it has to offer. It was such a lovely afternoon filled with crafts, chai latte and mocktails, which were incredible. I would have happily sat and sipped them all day in the beautiful crisp February sunshine we had!

Whilst there were a few familiar faces from social media and events planning, the whole day felt as if it had been perfectly catered for my tastes, personality and lifestyle. Just what you want to feel when you plan a wedding, right? I think that shows incredible skill in a company when they make each individual feel unique in some way.

Well now, I have to be honest… I have come away all excited about the idea of getting married (which isn’t something I’ve ever fussed over). I’ve always shied away from huge parties and events like that, I find them overwhelming and a bit impersonal at times. I thrive in an environment with a handful of close friends, good conversation and food (Hygge for better use of a word). In the past I’ve attended weddings and events with over 300 guests, and to be honest with you, even a quarter of that intimidates me! That’s probably why I am so at home in the country and exploring places / museums. It takes the edge off it and less focus on me making sure all 300 people are happy!

So… What did you do?

The barn is located in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside (near Bicester famous for the shopping village). On arrival we were greeted by a beautiful country house, barns and best of all horses. The wonderful hostess Karin was there to greet us, dogs and horses in hand – what could be better (maybe a ride on a horse, though I wasn’t really dressed for that – so better not)!

The Barn and Vegan Chai Latte horse box!!

Karin was such a wonderful host and she ran off and grabbed a chai latte in my very own bamboo reusable mug (I have genuinely wanted one of these since I saw them on a friends Instagram last year). I suspect it will feature heavily in my winter shots in the autumn! After I’d had a sip or two and got to know a few of the other lovely guests, we headed inside and had a tour of the venue.

Entrance Hall

Inside was about 100X more spectacular; I was quite astonished at just how cosy and relaxed it all felt (I imagine outside is better in the evening with those incredible fairy lights, or a summers day with glasses of pimms in hand). The entrance hall was super cute and full of my favourite Scandi style furniture, the bright kind thats all rustic and usually pastel and just looks so at home in a converted barn. To the left of here was the dining room, set ready for lunch, but we headed off to the left into the ‘preparation room’ for crafts with Anna Jayne Designs.

Crafts with Anna!

Now… It is really no secret, but am not a drawer, however I certainly gave this task a go and ended up drawing a fat little robin surrounded by colourful leaves (no pictures ha!). My Mum however (who was also invited along) drew this incredible tree covered in rainbow leaves, which is no surprise since she loves design and owns an interior design company: Martha Henri Designs.

After crafts we took a stroll past the bar where we each picked up a different mocktail of choice. I opted for the yummy raspberry looking one.

Mocktail time

Walking through the room we ended up in the main part of the barn, a beautiful hall filled with flowers thanks to the talented Flowers By Kirsty who did an incredible job making the entire place look like something out of a fairy glen. Old beams and barns were in my mind, built for weddings and look so magical covered in flowers. especially natural earthy looking tones like these ones!

Incredible display.

Lunch was so beautiful and all vegetarian I was delighted to find… I always find people who talk about food dull (minus you Ella!), so instead go ahead and show you all in photos! This will also include yummy sweet treats we had afterwards by the Cherry Tree Cakerie.

Thank you so much for such a lovely day Karin and team! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Love Lucy X

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