Wiltshire take over

Over the weekend I was invited to take part in an Instagram ‘Take Over’ for my lovely home county in England, Wiltshire. This took place on the Visit Wiltshire Instagram page.

Having grown up in such a cute county, surrounded by trees, fields and in my case a 5000 year old stone circle. I jumped at the chance to show off the places I had grown up and go to know so well in my youth!

So what is a Take Over?

Simply put – a company / charity get in touch with you and ask you to take over their Instagram account for the day / weekend. Taking photos of things in keeping with that account, posting relevant information and making sure to answer any questions people throw at you (and they do!).

Ooo, sounds interesting. What did you do?
To start off with, I went back into my archives and looked through my vast selection of photography in order to select only the best photos for my Visit Wiltshire Take Over. This also included editing the photos to match the feed and ensuring I wrote enough in the posts to encourage and support individuals wanting to visit the county and explore.

I decided to post photos on the wall (ten to be exact) and also take over the running of the story posts (these are 24 hour images in a story format). Because there was so much I wanted to do, I decided to post my top ten favourite places on Instagram and the rest on the story. So of course I had to start with my favourite of all… Avebury! I started with a view of the entire village from the sky, one I took in a plane in the summer. This was a big hit with the followers on Visit Wiltshire, getting a lot of attention and questions since it is a unique perspective of the historical village, one not many people will have seen.

My images followed suit, being unique and from perspectives and angles and places people may never have been. My favourite of these was a location I visited in Devizes, down a hidden street with no end. The street is one of the oldest in the town featuring an original Tudor building now home to a wonderful hat shop.

If you would like to read more about my take over, please head across to the Visit Wiltshire website by clicking here.

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