Weaving Yorkshire

“I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward” Charlotte Brontë

Good morning everyone, how’s your last week been? Busy like mine I hope! I haven’t had a moment to sit down and do nothing (though we all know doing nothing is the epitome of YAWN), instead I’ve been off gallivanting round the country again exploring places, but this time in the form of treasures!

On Saturday we drove across the Cotswolds and picked up my first and possibly (since it’s so beautiful) last desk. A stunning Georgian writing desk I’m now using for my home office. As I write this, it’s Thursday and I’m typing away at home on my phone on my sofa ha!

Anyway, I haven’t had a moment to stop and type to you all, so here I am now, tapping away on my mobile hoping to jot down some of the incredible things, places and memories from last weekend’s trip to Yorkshire! In particular Haworth, with a day trip to York!


Wow, where do I start? It was just incredible! I think coming from the South you have this depiction that the North is well, cold, bleak and dull. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. This trip saw my first visit to Yorkshire, exploring the beautiful countryside and driving through the pretty towns, villages and finally cities (York) in our little blue beetle. On the way up we stopped off at Bolsover Castle, an incredible fortress like place with wonderful history and culture. It was completely empty when we arrived (literally waiting for the girls to open the gates like the history nerd I am).


For the weekend we planed to stay at a cosy little B&B called Weavers Guest House owned by Josie and her partner Brendan (who in Jon’s opinion is an expert when it comes to a Full English!) located in the pretty little town of Haworth, the home of the Brontë family! Below you can see a picture of me, outside the school the Brontë’s not only attended, but taught at as well. Charlotte actually had her wedding reception here and the nicest thing of all, is this lovely school overlooked the church Patrick Brontë was the clergyman at. Plus, it was right next to their house (talk about an easy commute).

At the Guesthouse, our room was wonderfully positioned with a view of the Parsonage Museum, the home of the Brontë family which saw so much creativity and also sadness and change. I found it all so fascinating and felt the creativity and inspiration flooding from the place in a solemn, yet beautifully historic way.

Staying in Haworth was wonderful as we got to relax, in a place of culture and history, where probably unbeknown to the authors of these historical books, people would one day flood in interest! With pretty little streets, restaurants and countryside surrounding the village there is so much to do and cram into a weekend visiting Haworth.

Heading towards the latter half of the afternoon, we decided to head off on the Brontë walk to Top Withens and the Brontë Waterfall. Top Withens is thought to be the cottage that inspired Wuthering Heights! This was such a beautiful and tranquil walk and the weather was beautiful, I can’t even begin to describe it – but why not read Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre, there are some pretty good descriptions in there!

After the walk, we headed back to Weavers to tidy up a bit before heading off for dinner. Naturally I was sunburnt from the clouded English summer sky, so was in much need of a glass of water and cold shower (honestly, how do none of my Italian friends ever get burnt?).

For dinner we headed to the Hawthorn in Haworth, an adorable, cosy Georgian restaurant full of wonderful foods and character. The staff were lovely and the food was incredible with vegan options to boot. They even had a selection of vegan ice creams for dessert, which in my opinion were the best I’ve ever had.

I like to think that the Brontë’s visited this restaurant (which back then was a clockmakers) regularly, since Emily named one of her characters Mosley Barraclough, which is the surname of John Barraclough, the owner of the clockmakers, and they had one of his creations in their home!

The next day we grabbed that yummy breakfast I spoke of earlier at the Weavers Guesthouse before heading off to York in our little blue beetle…


The lovely owners of Weavers suggested that on our way to York we stop off on our way to York and visit the little town of Knaresborough. Oh my gosh, are we glad we did. It literally felt like we’d walked into a Hogwarts town. Castle on the hill, ravens, history everywhere, caves with weird things inside and most impressively, a viaduct!If you look closely, you might see a witch on a broom or the train zooming on its way to Hogwarts!


Now, picture this… a girl (overly excited and passionate), a bucket list and another item being ticked off! Well, this is the face you get!

I was so excited to finally visit York and visit the world renowned Betty’s tea rooms. I’d been told mixed things about it, from hearing it was underwhelming and a disappointment, to it being the best tea rooms in the world. Luckily for us, our visit was the latter; incredible and lived up to every insane expectation I’d laid on it. I was also super excited to be visiting it with Jon, as I knew he loved his fancy teas and cake, which was proven when he ordered himself two cakes (seen in the background of the picture below) to my one mini macaroon!

As well as Betty’s, we walked the walls of York, explored the Minster and visited the Treasurer’s House which was owned by a Mr Frank Green one upon a time; an interesting man who was so particular, he put nails in the ground to position his furniture in the correct places when his servants cleaned. He also hated museums (ha!) and never married, can’t guess why..?

As well as the above (and much more) we walked to Dick Turpin’s grave, situated in a church near the walk you can do of York Walls. I would highly recommend walking the walls if you’re to visit the city. Not only are they really cool (seriously I was so excited to walk them), but you can see the entire city, old and new from all angles. It’s great!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little trip away and I look forward to taking you with us on our next one. To keep up to date with my travels, head over to my Instagram page here where you can find more pictures and stories as we travel throughout the countrysides…

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