A welcome to Christmas 2020

After such an unusual year, many of us will be pleased to welcome Christmas into our homes and see the end of 2020. Lots of us are already decorating our homes well in time for the holiday and it was actually the start of November when our outdoor Christmas tree (it was indoor last year) got a makeover and started to sparkle with twinkling outdoor lights.

This month is all about Christmas, after what has been the most bizarre year; with some ideas of fun you can have as well as ideas for crafting and keeping the costs down with gifts.

So if you’re planning to celebrate this year then read on, or pop over to Instagram page to stay up to date with the latest. There are a few more bakes on there as well as crafting activities, one of which is my first ever homemade wreath, something kids and grownups will enjoy equally and it can look just as beautiful hung on a wall or inside the home, especially if you dry (or buy) your own oranges and cinnamon to go on it. 

Christmas is also a fabulous time for relaxing at home and spending time with loved ones. Whilst this year might be a bit different to years gone by we can all still enjoy ourselves in the same way by watching far too many Christmas movies and blazing those festive tunes too high or even cracking out those festive board games like chess to see if you could have given Beth Harmon (TV show: Queen’s Gambit) a run for her money!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of Christmas, then why not try one of the ways I get prepared for Christmas (and anything really) and make a list. There is something quite satisfying about crossing something out or ticking it off once it’s done. 

As well as lists why not think about ways you can save this year and look at shopping small, local and spreading the cost. I love to craft and think it’s really important to have a hobby so I have decided to challenge myself and crochet (I hear Tom Daley is doing it, so it must be cool?) a friend a pair of boots for her new baby arriving next year, a challenge I thought would be too difficult but one I have taken to quite well. 

I would love to see any of your bakes, crafting or creations so be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Merry Christmas! 

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