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The best and softest burger buns

After a long and frosty walk Jon and I decided we wanted some delicious home made veggie burgers when we got home, but didn’t have any burger buns. Instead of constantly going to the shops for new things or food I decided to rustle something up in the kitchen which was soft, delicious and lactose free!

Baked buns

To start you’ll need the following ingredients:

200ml normal milk (I used lactose free here or soya for vegan)

50g butter (use lactose free here again, or sunflower for vegan)

500g plain flour

100ml water

1 tbsp caster sugar

7g dried yeast

1 egg – beaten

sesame seeds

Mix the milk, butter and water in a nonstick pan over a low heat until melted.

Mix all the dry ingredients together and make a well in the middle and add the egg and butter mixture once lightly warm (or if you have a bread maker, add them to that and select the dough setting).

Once mixed and the yeast is activated, tip out to a surface and shape into buns. The best thing to do here to shape them is to weigh them and then make balls, claw your hand over the ball and quickly move the ball in your hand with fingers on the surface to make circular. Put on a baking tray a reasonable distance apart (they will rise) and brush with milk.

Next sprinkle with sesame seeds if desired.

Once ready add into the oven on gas mark 6 (200 degrees or 180 fan) for 12 minutes.

Once baked set aside to cool and enjoy!

If you try these or any of my other bakes I’d love to know. So let me know in the comments below or over on my social media here.

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