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Homemade Snow Cake Recipe

Hi friends, how are we all?

Today was an extremely exciting day as we had a huge amount of snow fall in the south of England. The cottage was glistening and white whilst the trees shone like little jewels as the sun sparkled through the snowy clouds.

The cottage

To celebrate, we not only built a snowman and went for a wonderful walk where we threw snowballs, jumped about and slid all over the place, but I’ve been baking in the kitchen a wonderful recipe I found in an old Scottish cook book I have called Snow Cakes!

Snow Cakes

The Recipe

Shopping list:

For the pastry…

> 250g flour

> 170g of butter (I used vegan)

> 50g caster sugar

> 1 egg yolk

> A generous amount of strawberry or raspberry jam, let’s say half a jar

For the cake:

> 150g butter

> 150g self raising flour

> 150g caster sugar

> 3 eggs

> a pinch of salt


> 100g icing sugar sifted (I didn’t sift but I can be a lazy baker haha)

> water to thicken

> Desiccated coconut for sprinkling


First make the pastry, sift the flower and mix the sugar together. Add in the yolk and mix gently, add in the butter and mix as if you’re a tiny fairy wanting to create a magical mixture of fairy dust, keeping the pastry cool whilst you do so.

Sit to one side for 10 mins somewhere cold.

Roll out the pastry to fit a Swiss roll / tray bake tin if you’ve got one and place on top of some baking parchment. Bake for 10 mins ish until cooked but not brown!

Leave to cool and start the cake mix…

Mix the sugar and butter to cream (a white fluffy mixture) and add the eggs. Slowly add the flour and salt until mixed together.

Once the pastry is cool enough spread on the jam and pour on the batter, being careful not to mix with the jam or you’ll ruin everything and it’ll be a mess!

Once spread evenly bake for 15 minutes on gas Mark 6 (keep an eye on it as my oven is different to yours), or 200 for electric ovens.

Now it’s cooked leave it in the tin and let it cool completely and mix up the water / icing sugar to a paste. I find adding a bit of water at a time the easiest here! It should resemble toothpaste.

Once cool spread over the cake completely, leave for a few seconds and sprinkle the coconut over so you don’t miss any areas.

Leave to set and cut to squares and you’ll see if it worked!

I’d LOVE to see your bakes so please tag me on Instagram using @hercountryliving so I can share them to my stories.

Happy baking! X

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