Welcoming Spring

This month we are welcoming the first day of spring on the 21st which is a Saturday, a day which I am sure I’m not alone in welcoming with open arms! There have already been lots of signs that it is well on its way with the abundance of snowdrops and crocuses poking their heads up across gardens, local woodlands and footpaths around Oxfordshire. 

If you’re stuck for ideas on things to do this month then why not turn your hand to growing vegetables, planting flowers and bring perhaps some spring-time to your home. You don’t even need a garden to do this! March is a great time to be growing lettuce from seeds, planting carrots outside and think about getting your bulbs ready for summer. 

Another part of the garden, balcony or window not to neglect is your bird feeders! After winter, many birds will be tired and hungry so making sure you’ve stocked up on bird feed is a must. We’ve got fat balls, seeds and a variety of nuts on offer and it’s even attracted some local blue-tits to our bird box and we’re hopeful there will be baby birds again this year.

If gardening is not your thing then why not try some healthy baking? I’ve got some great recipes on the blog all of which contain easy to source ingredients that most of us have lying around in our cupboards and if not, the local supermarkets are sure to have everything you need to create a delicious and fun snack to enjoy with a morning tea or coffee.

A few weeks ago, I created a poll on Instagram asking everyone if they were going to be doing anything for lent and surprisingly, over 300 people said yes! Whether this is giving something up or starting something new. For me, I gave up chocolate and bread, whereas a friend of mine opted for giving up all social media! I think it is always good to bring change into your life, regardless of whether for lent or just ‘because’; it allows for variety and helps keep us motivated on something, especially at the moment when days can feel monotonous and samey.

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