The Country Coast

For one split second, the sky cleared, the sun shone and we made golden memories surrounded by the tranquillity, sand and smell of ocean air.’ Her Country Travel

After weeks of clouds, wind and rain with little opportunity to go outside the weekend I had been looking for finally came, and with it the sun. 6am Saturday morning my Mum and I got ready and headed off on our weekend trip down to the South Coast, somewhere I hadn’t really explored, but knew I wanted to…

With clear skies, roads and minds we arrived in Teignmouth, Devon ready to start the first leg of our journey exploring the coastline of Devon and Cornwall and explore the little coast town! The reason we picked Teignmouth is all thanks to my Grandparents who had honeymooned there back in the early 60s, we wanted to see what they saw and explore this little Georgian gem of a place as it was somewhere Grandma talked about a lot before she passed.

We arrived at 10am, tummies rumbling, and decided to head across to the town and look for somewhere to have breakfast. We (as luck would have it) stumbled across the most beautiful little place called Nourish; a plant based cafe serving anything and anything, so naturally we went for pancakes!

After pancakes we headed across to Sheldon, a little place in the area with the most amazing beach! The beach is pretty hidden (so you have to know where to go) and it’s down the coolest little path that takes you through a smugglers tunnel! We stayed on the beach for a little while exploring and walking and decided to head off on our journey across the moors to Cornwall!

When we arrived in Cornwall we wanted to do a million things but decided since it was already 2pm and we wanted to get to our amazing hotel we had booked in for around 4 that we should pick and choose and maybe do it in order so we weren’t going back and forth.

With that in mind, we headed towards Tintagel, a coast village that’s home to King Arthur’s castle (its incredible, how did they even build something like this?). The castle is now a ruin, but its still really cool to visit and see since its got a rope bridge you have to walk across to get to most of it. In short, its a medieval fortification located on the peninsula of Tintagel Island. I think the best view you get of it is from walking out across the cliffs to the far right and looking back on it. It was such a hot sunny day! One thing I will mention is how incredibly turquoise the waters are. I genuinely haven’t seen water like that in the UK and wanted to jump right in and find myself in the middle of the Mediterranean.

In the village itself there is a surprising amount to do! We decided to pop over to Tintagel’s Old Post Office which is one of the most Hansel and Gretel buildings I have ever seen. I genuinely didn’t think buildings like this existed outside of fairytales but they do. Inside it was full of so much character, stairs in square blocks instead of normal one-after-the-other steps, little nooks and crannies for filling with books and trinkets – it was just wonderful!

Because it was so warm (around 27 degrees C) the next thing on our to do list was seeking out the nearest ice cream shop to bag ourselves some cool sorbet. We found a little shop selling local Cornish ice creams so almost ran it and ordered two ‘blood orange’ sorbets. They were AMAZING! If you get the opportunity to try some sorbet, I 100% recommend this flavour.

After the sorbets we headed back to the car, changed out of our walking boots and put on our boots that look pretty and headed towards a little town my Mum had wanted to visit for years, Port Issac. If you’ve never heard of this town you might have heard of the TV show that made it famous, Doc Martin. It has to be one of the prettiest seaside towns I have ever visited, with winding streets and adorable shops, its certainly one not to miss on your way down to the Cornish coast, just be prepared to walk into town as its impossible to get your car round those tiny streets and would be disruptive to the locals!

It’s now around 5pm and I’m getting exhausted after the hours of driving I have done all day, Mums feeling it too! I had been driving since 6am and had travelled down the coastline between Devon and Cornwall which is not (by any stretch) a quick journey, so it was certainly time to head over to the hotel, shower, relax and get ready for a yummy dinner.

St Moritz Hotel – Cornwall

‘Arriving at St Moritz Hotel, Cornwall was just what Doc Martin would have ordered – a relaxing and luxury slice of the Cornish Country coastal side.’ Her Country Travels

Over the next few days the lovely team at the hotel had organised for us to stay in the most beautiful room called ‘Junior Garden Suite‘ overlooking the hotel gardens. Mum and I had decided to share a room since we were only there for the weekend and would end up in one room anyway till we went to sleep. The beds are absolutely huge (I am pretty sure they’re the same size as my first flat in London) so we didn’t have any issues there whatsoever! The room itself had its own private sun room that opened out onto a lawn which was a short walk to the beach which made us feel right at home. 

In the room itself you’ll find the bathroom is kitted out in the nicest decor and scented with the subtle fragrances of Cow Shed, the Hotels Spa range and one of my all time favourite brands! Not only do they all smell incredible, they actually wash your hair really nicely and leave you smelling good enough to forget about perfumes!

If you look closely at the old range of products they have some of the funniest names too. I remember years ago my little brother getting me some lip balm for Christmas from them and it said ‘Lippy Cow’ on it which always made me laugh! However they’ve rebranded and brought out a much more ‘relaxed’ range of products (still under the same umbrella) that I cannot wait to try more of!

The Spa

Over the weekend we had booked in a massage each which gave us some much needed TLC and time to relax. I had no idea how much stress and tension had built up in my back but it took a full hour having a wonderful bespoke massage using one of Cow Sheds seven signature moods. I 100% recommend that if you are going to stay at the hotel, (like some of you already asked for details via my Instagram Story) to try one of their spa treatments. It was probably the best thing I have tried all year; I had never had a massage before, I was never too sure, but I am a complete convert.

I have already started looking up local spas in my area that use Cow Shed and will be heading down as soon as I can, and am already planning to go back to St Moritz next year and do it all over again!

Prior to our spa treatments we tried out the spa facilities on offer (sauna, steam room, hot tubs, indoor and outdoor heated pools) and had so much fun doing so! Close to the sauna and steam rooms are showers that only have ice cold water, a little like a plunge pool so of course I ran under them freezing my butt off and headed straight for the sauna where we stayed for 5 minutes before getting too hot! 

The pools are brilliant and there is nothing quite like swimming outside by the ocean in a warm pool…!


Oh how pleased I was to hear that St Moritz had its own restaurant so I didn’t have to go out exploring that evening, looking sleepily for somewhere to park, eat and drive back. The hotel has a bar area upstairs and a restaurant area that is also used for breakfast in the morning and it is quite the pretty picture. The hotel already reminded me of a modern version of something I had seen in an Agatha Christie adaptation (which is quite the compliment) and when the food came out, we were both incredibly happy to see it matched the aesthetics around us.

Both Mum and I are vegetarian and it was really exciting to find good food available to us that didn’t contain beetroot! We had the most incredible Butternut Squash Veloute followed by a main of Wild Mushroom Ravioli (which was infused with truffles). The soup was so good I am genuinely still thinking about it a few days later as it was just wonderful! As a drink option I opted for a locally made apple juice which actually complimented the dinner perfectly. There is the option to choose some tipple for those of you who like wine, but I’m annoyingly still unable to drink even a drop of alcohol until I’m off my skin medicine! 


Breakfast is one of my favourite things about a holiday. I think its the planned aspect of it I like. Knowing I have to be up at a certain time and ready for someone to make me breakfast, I just want to make sure I am there on time and not let this eat into my day! It’s also an important part of the holiday experience for me too, trying something I maybe don’t have at home. Take St Moritz for example, raspberry croissants!! I had never seen this before and they were amazing. They reminded me of these little fruit parcels I had as a child in my school packed lunch, Just yum! 

Little touches 

Would you believe the hotel provides a free Land Rover service on top of everything else I have just mentioned! What exactly does that mean, I hear you ask! Well I will tell you… It’s basically the hotels way of looking after their guest during their stay. Say I wanted to go down to Rock or Polzeath beach and didn’t want to drive for whatever reason, the hotel would take you in a private Land Rover to your location of choice and pick you up again. Now that is 5* service if there ever was one!

* * *

Sunday we awoke to a storm which we knew was coming so after breakfast decided to head off back home. The drive home was a good few hours we had planned to stop off at a few places along the way and went via the Moors again.

One of the places we stopped off at was Castle Drogo, a castle built in 1910 by Edwin Lutyens for Julius Drewe and family. Fun fact: it was the last castle to be built in England and was only inhabited fully for around 30/40 years before Drewe’s son gave it to the National Trust! At the moment the castle is undergoing an entire make-over externally. The mortar Lutyens used to lay the castle brick by brick is having to be removed and replaced since it wasn’t water proof *face palm*. 

After we had visited the castle and its amazing gardens we headed off further into the moors where we experienced some hilarious drivers (from abroad) unable to navigate the little roads. We ended up having to reverse down a one way track because one fool (and yes he is a fool) refused to reverse his giant 4X4 into a turning less than a metre away because and I quote ‘I don’t want to scratch it its a rental’…. As much of an idiot as that man was, I had to laugh at it, because it just strikes me as odd that anyone from abroad can rent a car in the UK regardless of it being automatic / manual or HUGE. So myself, the van in front and the mans dignity, reversed down this one way road all the way back to a fast main road and we all went on our way! 
Image result for widecombe in the moor

Driving through the moors is an incredible experience and one I think everyone in the UK should do at least once! It’s like another world, with horses and cattle roaming the roads! The next and final stop of our journey was the little village of Widecombe in the Moor. A beautiful village set in the middle of nowhere, probably without wifi and electricity (joking, it had these things) which makes it so quaint and beautiful! The church is the first thing you see driving down into the village, it stands out and looks spectacular surrounded by green rolling hills and rocky outcroppings and was certainly the prettiest and best end to our little weekend away. 

I do hope you have enjoyed my travels to the coast and if you would like to see more, please go ahead and follow me on Instagram!

Lucy X

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  1. Beautiful Lucy. The weather looked brilliant! I found you via Instagram. Such a lovely blog!! Have been looking up the hotel as it’s the sort of thing my mum would enjoy.



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